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Welcome to Versatile Carbon

Versatile Carbon is a start-up providing fun and interactive learning platform for students and schools. We also help students to prepare for various olympiad exams such as NSTSE,National Science Olympiad(NSO), IMO, NCO,iOS, iiO,iOM

Education opens up the mind, expands it and allows you to improve your life in so many ways.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” Ben Franklin

Versatile Carbon provide student's conceptual understanding of what he/she has studied. The exam will have 80% weightage of previous class and 20% weightage of the one before.

Versatile Carbon organizes Summer & Winter Olympiad Exam focused on students' conceptual understanding of previous classes.


Versatile Carbon was established in 2018 by leading academician of the country, with the objectives of identifying and nurturing student talent leading to improved academic performance. It helps to assess the knowledge, level of understanding, and reasoning ability of students (class I to class X) across India. Over 3,573 schools registered for the Versatile Carbon Examinations till now and “n” number of students appeared in the Olympiad exams across India. Lots of teachers across the country have supported us in conducting our Versatile Carbon event.

Versatile Carbon is a platform where skill is shown its right path. Talent is nothing without opportunity and we provide that opportunity to hundreds of students from class I to class X through our Versatile Carbon examinations conducted for the students. The National-level examination designed in close co-ordination with experienced teachers, trainers and educationists aim to develop strong conceptual foundation of subjects, sharpen analytical thinking and problem solving skills. Over the last years, VC has striven to spread a proper understanding of Science, Mathematics, English, General Knowledge, Computer, Art (Drawing), and Essay & Social to young generation of the country.